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Sore Muscles and Joints

One of the first hallmarks of school sports is sore muscles.  After a summer spent lounging and having fun, getting back to practice can be a shock to the system.  Your child may have sore muscles and tired joints.

You can create a homemade rub to massage into sore muscles that provide comfort and relief to support your student-athlete.  You’ll start with a base of coconut oil and beeswax by melting ½ cup of coconut oil with ½ cup beeswax in a double boiler.

Then add 30 drops each of peppermint and lemongrass essential oil.  You’ll also add 20 drops each of lavender and helichrysum essential oil and stir until all oils are combined.  Then pour the mixture into a small glass jar and allow it to cool.  It will become solid once cooled and you can scoop some out to rub onto sore muscles.

Boosting Immunity

Sports can put a strain on kids with all of their other responsibilities.  It’s important to keep immune systems strong so they can continue to keep up with school, their team, and enjoy good health.

Using immunity-boosting blends for aromatherapy can help keep the body strong and prevent illness.  Blends that include clove, lemon, cinnamon, eucalyptus, and rosemary are traditionally the best at boosting the immune system and fighting germs.

Calming Nerves

Before a big game or match, kids can often suffer from nerves and poor sleep.  Adding a drop of lavender oil to your child’s pillowcase can help her to get a better night of sleep and calm frazzled nerves.  It can also be added directly to the skin on the back of your child’s neck to keep the calm energy after she leaves home for the day.

First Aid for Scrapes

It’s not uncommon for kids involved in sports to end up with minor cuts and scrapes.  The lavender essential oil can also be very beneficial when applied directly to minor ailments.  It can soothe inflammation and promote healing so that your little one is back to normal before you know it.

Stomach Discomfort

There are many reasons a child playing sports might end up with an upset stomach.  When this happens, peppermint oil is your best bet.  A drop or two of this oil can be applied directly to your child’s tummy to provide instant relief.

As an added bonus, peppermint oil can boost energy and help your child to stay awake and alert for whatever comes his way.

Fighting Locker Room Germs

Locker rooms aren’t exactly known for their pristine conditions.  They can be breeding grounds for athlete’s foot, cold and flu germs, and other unpleasant bugs.  You can clean surfaces such as mats and benches with diluted melaleuca (tea tree) oil.  You can also apply diluted oil to hands and feet after taking a shower to prevent athlete’s foot.

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