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For a long time, home projectors were tedious and difficult to care for. Depending on your age, you may remember loud, hot machines that required frequent light source replacements or even slide projectors brought out only for the obligatory post-vacation family recap. Neither of these occasions were usually very fun, and the inconveniences associated with maintenance made home projectors of little interest to most people except enthusiasts.


If these are the associations that come to mind when you hear “home projector” then you can be forgiven for thinking it’s the kind of thing you wouldn’t be interested in. On the other hand, if you’ve seen a home projector in action within the last ten years, you know that it’s time to draw some new conclusions.

Things just keep getting better

If you’ve been sleeping on changes to the home projector market in the last decade (don’t feel bad, it’s not the kind of thing most people stay up-to-date on), you probably haven’t noticed that the game has changed. There’s now a wealth of compact, easy to care for, affordable home projectors on the market, and the fun of turning any room into a theater has never been more accessible.

At DBPOWER we’ve been in the projector game for a while, and we’ve recently updated one of our most popular models with even more improvements.

So what’s changed?

Many of the problems and inconveniences traditionally associated with home projectors are long gone. These include:

– Frequent light replacements. Most home projectors (including ours) are now powered by LEDs, meaning you get tens of thousands of hours of viewing time on a single light source.

– Size and noise. It’s easy to find models that are small, quiet, and cool. Our mini video projector is practically tiny, at just 6×8.2×2.6 inches. It’s uniquely compact, but fits in well alongside the variety of compact and unobtrusive projectors available today.

– Cost. As with most technology, home projectors have gotten more and more affordable with time, and with a wider variety of price points and features to choose from.

– Heat. By using LEDs, modern home projectors significantly cut their heat radiation when compared to their classic incandescent counterparts. In particular, our newly upgraded mini projector disperses heat better than ever before, helping to ensure its longevity and avoid any hiccups or other playback issues.

Time to rethink old grudges

 It’s time to check out just how different home projectors are now than 20 years ago. Brighter lights, smaller form factors, more connectivity, and all at much lower prices. 

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