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Looking at photos with good memories brings joy to us but keeping it in bulky photo albums or hanging it on the walls can be a little bit tiring. This is where digital photo frames come into play. these are generally designed specifically for a stationary, aesthetic display of photos or videos that provides a nicer-looking frame and a power system designed for continuous use. 

Now I want to share what makes the DBPOWER photo frame is different from other brands. We have different sizes that you can choose from depending on your preference. It is not your average digital photo frame because it is also multifunctional.  It includes a clock, calendar, image zoom, auto-rotate function, it even has a stereo speaker. It can play music while your photos are on a loop. It is also HD and you can connect it to your wifi. isn't it wonderful? 

You can either hang it on your wall or just place it on your shelf. Also, you don't need a permanent location to place it. You can haul it out for holidays, parties, graduations weddings and even, on a more somber note for funerals. It gives you that minimalist vibe.

So how do you load images into a digital photo frame? Well, it contains a certain amount of internal memory and a USB port. You just simply connect the frame to a computer via USB and the frame shows up looking like a flash drive, and then drag and drop] images to the frames until the memory is full. Easy right? 

If you are planning to buy one and want to a little bit more about its specifications and functions just simply ask and we will definitely help you out choosing the best digital photo frame for you.

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