KOIOS VS6621 86Kpa Vacuum Sealer with Cutter, Dry & Moist Modes

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vacuum sealer

food saver  

What sets us apart?

1. We pay attention to quality:

The lowest error rate on the market.

2. What was UPGRADED:

PULSE Function: different types of food require different vacuum pressure levels, control the vacuum pressure manually by the "Stop/Pulse" button to keep the shape of your food/meal.

Faster Air Suction: 5Kpa appreciation over the previous model.

No air leakage: Sealing foam gasket assures optimal sealing.

Packaging includes an extra sealing foam gasket as a replacement.

3. Valuable for our customers:

food saver


1. If several lights flashing at the same time after continuous working, overheating protection activated. Allow the vacuum sealer mechine to cool down for several minutes before using it again.

2. Do not use the appliance on wet or hot surfaces, or close to a heat source.

3. Ensure the bag is dry. It will be difficult to make a tight seal if the bag is wet.

Products Features

vacuum food sever sealer mechine

High Efficiency

Perfect seal width (up to 12 inches) for better heat penetration.

According to the size of the seal bags, insert several bags to improve the efficiency of vacuuming and sealing at the same time.

High-quality Soft Sealing Foam Gasket

High Density, No air leakage, No bad smell

Create the best airtight effect for sous vide cook. Packaging includes an extra sealing foam gasket as a replacement.

vacuum food saver vacuum sealer


No need to press on the lid too hard, even an old man can use it easily. The "click" sound indicates that the lid is locked properly.

Built-in Cutter

Built-in cutter helps to create a customized size vacuum sealing roller easily. Get the most out of your FoodSaver bags.

food sealer
food saver

Anti-skid Design

More stable and firm when sealing.


Easy to Store

AC Power Cord is removable. Thanks to its sleek and lightweight design, the size of the food sealer is only 15.04x4.09x2.44 inches, which is compact enough to save some extra space on your kitchen countertop.

How does the PULSE function work?

food saver mechine food vacuum sealer mechine
1. Put the open end of the bag into the vacuum chamber. 2. Close and press on both ends of the lid. You will hear a "click" sound if the lid is closed properly.
vacuum saver vacuum sealer
3. Press and hold the "STOP/PULSE" button to activate the function. Sealing time depends on the size of your food/meal. After achieving the desired vacuum effect, release the button. Sealing stops immediately.  4. Finally, press "SEAL" button to seal the bag.

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