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A transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation unit (TENS) is a battery-operated device used by some to relieve pain.

TENS units operate by supplying tiny electrical impulses to a person's skin through electrodes that have adhesive pads.

TENS units

TENS units may help treat the following symptoms:

  • period pain
  • labor pain
  • postoperative pain
  • joint pain
  • neck and back pain

They may also alleviate the pain that results from the following conditions:

  • endometriosis
  • arthritis
  • sports injuries
  • multiple sclerosis
  • fibromyalgia
  • painful diabetic neuropathy
  • spinal cord injury

This has controls that allow people to take adequate pain relief. Through manipulating the following elements of electrical current, people will do this:

1.Level: A dial lets the user set the electrical stimulus intensity.

2.Frequency: The frequency corresponds to the number of pulses in electricity per second.

  • High-frequency (HF) pulses range from 80 to 120 cycles per second, which can aid with acute pain relief.
  • Low-frequency pulses (LF) range from 1 to 20 cycles per second and are ideal for chronic pain management.

    3. Duration: The length is the number of microseconds for each pulse that the current reaches the skin for.

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