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Both humidifier and dehumidifier devices help to improve indoor humidity. The difference is that the humidifier increases the humidity level in the case of dry indoor air and the dehumidifier decreases it in the case of high humidity levels. 

Both units can help in the elimination of respiratory ailments such as asthma and chest congestion.


If the humidity level is above fifty percent, you 're going to want a dehumidifier. This is an in-room machine that works by taking moist air, passing it through the evaporator coil, and then the condenser coil and releasing the dehumidified air back into the room.

The moisture is either collected in a bucket that needs to be emptied or disposed of by means of a drain hose. A compact dehumidifier is also a great tool for restoring water damage. Used along with the air mover, the damaged areas of the water can be dried quickly and efficiently, reducing the risk of future problems.


If the humidity is too low, the humidifier can help. These machines release moisture from the water reservoir into the air. Hot air humidifiers release moisture in the form of steam. Cool air humidifiers tend to mist the room. Humidifiers are often used in children's rooms, especially baby rooms, to help them breathe during the night.

Warm air humidifiers are not usually recommended for use in children as they may have burned. It is important to keep the humidifier clean, especially the water tank, to avoid mold growth, or to do more harm than good.

If your home's humidity level is off, you can face a myriad of issues. Once you check the hygrometer level, you will be able to assess whether the dehumidifier or humidifier is right for you.

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